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About ISI Asia


Our strength is with JAPANESE VALVES.

OEM of Japan origin and quality.

We provide timely delivery using economical channels.

Available stocks especially for KITZ, KTM, Kitamura Ball Valves  for JIS 10K and 20K

Our sales networks in : SEA, Japan, Europe, USA, Australia, and other regions, specializing in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Fertilizer, Cement, Steel, & other related industries.


{All items inquired and mean for delivery to the Middle East region,

 please inform during your inquiry.}

About Us

ISI Asia Pte Ltd have more than 15 years in this field of replacement parts supply specializing with valves and applications for export permits from Japan.


Valves of Japan Brands

Aikawa Valve Co., Ltd;

BF Kogyo Kaisha Ltd; Bingo Valve Co Ltd; BS & B Safety Systems Co Ltd

BBK; Bunkaboeki kogyo Co Ltd;

CCI KK; Danle Co Ltd; EKK;

Eagle Industry Co Ltd;

FTT; Fine tech Takahashi Co Ltd; FM Valve Mfg Co Ltd; Fujikin Incorporated; Fukui Seisakushi Co Ltd; FVC; Furukawa Kogyo Co Ltd; Fushiman Co Ltd;

Gifu Kakudai Mfg Co Ltd;

HVK; Hagiwara Valve Kogoyo Co Ltd; Hatanaka Special valve Industries Co Ltd; HVS; Hayakawa Valve Production Co Ltd; HEIWA Valve Co Ltd; Hikari Gokin Corporation; HVI; Hirata valve Industry Co Ltd; Hirayama Suiki Co Ltd; Hirose valve Industry Co Ltd; HISAKA Works Ltd; Hitachi Valve Ltd; HSK; Hokkaido Water system Equiopment Co Ltd; HKK; Hokuei Kogyo Co Ltd; STAR; Hokuto valve Mfg Co Ltd; Howkoko valve Mfg Co Ltd;

ESPERO; Ichinoe Co Ltd; Ihara Science Corporation; Inax Corporation; CRAFT; Ishida Valve Mfg Co Ltd; I.S. Kogyo Co Ltd;

KANEKO Sangyo co Ltd; KKK; Kane Kogyo Co Ltd; KARATU Valve Industry Co Ltd; K; Kishigami Valve co Ltd; Kitamura Faucet co Ltd; MYM; Kitamura Gokin Ind Co Ltd; KTM; Kitamura valve Mfg co Ltd; KITZ Corporation; CTS; Kojima Gokin Co Ltd; KOMEI Mfg Co Ltd; KONAN Valve Co Ltd; Koyo Co; Koyo Sangyo co Ltd; KUBOTA Corporation; Kurimoto Trading Co Ltd; Kurimoto Ltd; KVC Co Ltd; KVK Corporation; KKK; Kyoei valve Industry Inc;

Maezawa Industries Inc; MAEzawa Kyuso Industries Co Ltd; Mitsumoto Valve Mfg Ltd; Miyabe Iron Works Co Ltd; MT-valve; Miyairi Seisakusho Co Ltd; Miyawaki Incorporation; Miyoshi valve Co Ltd; Mizutani Valve Mfg co Ltd; Morita iron Works co Ltd; Motoyama Eng. Works Ltd; SSK; Murai Suisen Co Ltd; MVK Valve Co Ltd;

Nakakita Seisakusho Co Ltd; Nakamura Suido Kogyosho Co Ltd; Nihon Klingage Co Ltd; Niigata Masoneilian co Ltd; NIPPO Valve;  NVB; Nippon Ball Valve Co Ltd; NDV; Nippon Daiya Valve Co Ltd; Nippon Fisher Co Ltd; Nippon Valqua Industries Co Ltd;

Ohno Bellows Industry Co Ltd; Ohtori Mfg Co Ltd; OKA Valve Seizo Co Ltd; SUPERO; Okano Valve Mfg Co; OKM; Okumura Engineering Corp; ONDA Mfg co Ltd; O.N. Industries Ltd; TV; Osaka Tsugite Valve Seisakusho Co Ltd; OVK Machine Works Co Ltd;

SAN-EI Fauct Mfg Co Ltd; SK; Sankyo Seisakusho Co Ltd; YO; Sanuki Foundry Co Ltd; Sawamura Valve Mfg co Ltd; SHIDA Engineering Works Ltd; SGS; Shimizu Alloy Mfg Co Ltd; Shimizu Iron works Co Ltd; Shimizu Kogyo Co Ltd; SSS; Shoritsu Seisakusho Co Ltd; Showa Valve Co Ltd;

Shudo Valve Mfg Co Ltd; ST; Sugimoto Valve Industry Co Ltd; Sugiyama Valve Mfg Co Ltd;

Takmisawa Valves; TBC; Tabuchi Corp; TAIMEI Kinzoku Kogyo Co Ltd; Taisei Kiko Co Ltd; Takagi Co Ltd; TK; Takemura seisakusho Co Ltd; MMM; Three-M Kogyo Co Ltd; TIDER Co Ltd; TLV Co Ltd; TOA Valve Ltd; TOA Industrial Co Ltd; TOTO Ltd; RED-White; TOYO Valve Valve Co Ltd; TV Valve Co Ltd;

UTSUE Valve Co Ltd; VENN Corp;

UW; WASINO Kiki Co Ltd;

Yamada Valve Mfg Co Ltd; Yamatake Corporation; Yamato Sangyo Co Ltd; Yamato Valve Co Ltd; YONE Corporation; YONEKI Valve Co Ltd;

Zenko Metal Co Ltd;